Three of the founding and long-time band members Karen Levine, Elena Erber, and Laura Wilson Crimmins

“What joy Caprice Rouge brought to our gathering! Everyone loved their wonderful music and good hearts (they barely stopped the whole night through!) and the way they brought all the guests together. People were dancing, listening, enjoying: they created the perfect atmosphere. Such delight!”

“Long-time Local Legends!”

— Kingston Freeman

Caprice Rouge is an acoustic ensemble from the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State playingmusic that highlights the winding scales and exotic melodies of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Our repertoire includes songs from Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Russia. Drawing on styles from Romany (gypsy) musicians, Klezmers, Middle Eastern Bellydance and even Americana; we bring our own interpretations to these age-old tunes.

Since 2012 the band has been performing on traditional instruments including accordion, violin, bouzouki, gypsy jazz guitar, clarinet, and percussion. We are happy to play for dancers, revelers, and listeners at taverns and cafes, festivals and farmers’ markets, at weddings and other celebrations!

Performing tapered off during the pandemic and today the individual members continue to make music, sometimes together, and often in other projects.

Caprice Rouge is:
Laura Wilson Crimmins, fiddle, vocals
Karen Levine, clarinet, percussion, vocals
Elena Erber, accordion and vocals
Sean Crimmins, bouzouki, gypsy jazz guitar
AnnMarie Tedeschi, percussion, vocals